Golden Fry Tech Oil Saving Plate
The Product
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How to Clean and   Maintain GFT
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The Technology
GFT is a safe oil preserving plate made of specially processed titanium at a leading manufacturer in Japan. Its international patent pending technology allows the GFT plate to slow the oil degradation process, which has four main causes:
  1. Oxidation (contact with oxygen in the air)
  2. Heating that causes thermal polymerization (sticking of oil molecules)
  3. Hydrolysis caused by moisture in foods being fried (contact with water/moisture)
  4. Substances released by foods being fried
GFT prevents frying oil degradation by slowing oil oxidation, hydrolysis and thermal polymerization or "sticking" of the oil molecules. This, in turn, minimizes rises in viscosity (thickness), smoking, odors, foaming and blackening. This more efficient, conditioned oil cooks foods faster at lower temperatures and reduces absorption into foods, resulting in a healthier, tastier fried food.
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