Golden Fry Tech Oil Saving Plate
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March 2012 Golden Fry Tech official launch and distribution in USA and Korea.
August 2011 LTH Corporation begins mass production of Golden Fry Tech plates.
August 2011 Ohta Publications Japan publishes feature article in Hotel and Restaurant Magazine
July 2011 FQ (Food Quality) Labs Hawaii conducts official safety and performance tests.
July 2011 Asahi Shinbun Newspaper publishes article featuring Golden Fry Tech plates.
June 2011 LTH Corporation, a Hawaii, USA corporation, is formed in Honolulu, HI, USA.
Feb 2011 Special use for deep fryer worldwide patent application is filed in Japan.
Feb 2011 Golden Fry Tech oil saving plate is tested in 7-11 stores in Japan.
Jan 2011 Hawaii group of business associates secures exclusive rights to Golden Fry Tech worldwide patent pending Tech.
Dec 2010 Golden Fry Tech oil saving plate is tested in major fast food chain store and local manufacturing company in Honolulu, HI, USA.
July 2009 Original design of Golden Fry Tech Oil Saving Plate is developed by Japanese inventor.
June 2009 Japanese inventor files worldwide patent application for special use of titanium.
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