Golden Fry Tech Oil Saving Plate
The Product
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How to Clean and   Maintain GFT
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What is Golden Fry Tech (GFT)?
GFT is a newly designed, patent-pending oil saving plate. Engineered and manufactured in Japan, the completely food safe 100% titanium catalyst plate has been laboratory tested and proven to prolong the life of cooking oil by to 50 - 200%. Plus, it reduces cooking time and enhances the flavor of fried foods while cutting oil absorption by 50% – which means healthier fried foods!
Healthy Ecological Fryer Plate
Golden Fry Tech Plate
Golden Fry Tech Plate Specifications
Dimensions: (L) 9.8" (250 mm) X (W) 9.8" (250 mm)
(H) 0.3" (8mm)
Weight: 2.56 lbs. (1160g)
Material: Outer jacket 100% Stainless Steel.
Inner jacket 100% titanium.
Withstanding Temperature: 1,472°F / 800°C
Chef holding Golden Fry Tech Plate
How to Use the Golden Fry Tech Plate
Step 1
Place GFT plates in your fryer WHILE OIL IS STILL COOL. One plate is good for 35LBS to 50LBS Fryer.
Step 1 in using Golden Fry Tech
Step 2
Deep fry food. GFT allows foods to cook 34% quicker and at lower temperatures (recommended cooking temperature when using GFT is 170º C or 330º F).
Step 2 in using Golden Fry Tech
Printable GFT product brochure (pdf)
GFT Product Brochure
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