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Jimbo Restaurant
"I have operated a Japanese udon noodle restaurant in Hawaii since 1994. It's been 4 months since I started using my Golden Fry Tech fryer plate and have found that I am able to cook tempura at a temperature 50-68°F lower than usual. The tempura cooks crispy on the outside but with a moist center. Moreover, I'm excited that I use at least 35% less cooking oil now. Until recently, I've had to change my fryer oil daily but now I don't have to change it for 2 or 2.5 days. My annual oil expense used to be about $12,000 but at this rate, I will save at least $4,000 a year! Plus, I'll save on my energy expenses since the food cooks more quickly and at a lower temperature."
Naoki Motojima
Owner Chef, Jimbo Restaurant
Honolulu, HI, USA
Testimonial received on 9/26/2011
7-Eleven (Japan)
"Before using the Golden Fry Tech, we changed our oil every three or four days, but now we were able to use the oil up until a seventh day. Also, the oil drains smoothly. When washing the fryer, the grime comes off easy, which makes us happy. Foods fry more quickly as well. Our frankfurters keep their color even when set out for a while after frying."
Excerpt from Hoteres Magazine
September 16, 2011 issue
Side Street Inn
"Since placing the Titanium plate in our deep-fryer, we have noticed a significant difference with our daily useage...about 40% reduced savings in oil...The oil doesn't break-down as fast as normal and it doesn't affect the "taste factor" in our food products. It's a great product and is beneficial to our business!"
Chef Colin Nishida
Owner, Side Street Inn
Ryan Day (Executive Chef)
"They are very impressive and performed as advertised!

During frying, the plates do keep the oil cleaner; it separated the "food silt" and the oil. Upon complete cool down of the fry oil, there was a clear delineation between the oil and all sediment. The oil remained a lighter color and was easier to drain and clean the fryer too.

The flavor and texture are fantastic, Battered Chicken, Fish, and French fries keep their individual flavors, not like some fast food fryers where you can taste the fish in the French fries. We experimented with different fries, coated, uncoated, sweet potatoes, etc. All of them stayed crisp and full flavored with a great natural color. No browning or inconsistent coloring. The plates are very easy to clean.

I think the oil save plates are great! I believe this will save the restaurant industry a lot in food costs as well as keeping labor cost down. Not to mention its safer running on a lower temperature and not having to clean it as often."
Executive Chef Ryan Day
Palama Holdings, LLC
Signature Services
Restaurant & Resort Consultants
"Aloha from Hawaii,

When a piece of equipment comes along that saves our clients money, we like to make sure to pass along the good news to as many other restaurant & resorts as we can. This helps build new relationships and good will. As such, we are extremely careful to only recommend those pieces of equipment we have personally witnessed making a difference to our clients' bottom lines.

The Golden Fry Tech Titanium plates are such a piece of equipment.

We installed these fry plates in a "first in its class" Continuing Care Retirement Community in Hawaii and recorded some amazing results. The first result, that was easiest to measure, was the savings in fryer oil costs. This facility saved 30% in 3 months of usage, in oil costs, due to reduced oxidation and the need for oil changing. As a result, the facility was able to realize a ROI in less than 10 months. The second result was that the guests were commenting on the less greasy mouth feel from the fried foods. I can only guess this was due to the foods cooking faster and having less time to absorb oil. The third result was that due to less oil being absorbed into the foods, a healthier food was served.

This facility was very impressed with the results of this technology and plans on implementing the fryer plates in other facilities in their association.

If you have any questions regarding this report, please don't hesitate to contact me."
Lawrence Payne
Managing Partner
Signature Services
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